The CWGateway Internet management hardware addresses Internet management problems faced by businesses.This gateway device will help you to control, administer, monitor, authenticate and bill all users on your network either on LAN/WLAN devices.Embedded with a rich blend of GUI menus for easy setup.This product has the answers to your Internet worries with value addition.IT HAS NO ANNUAL LICENSE RENEWAL CHARGES.

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Your One Stop Internet Management solution for small or Large Networks



Freedom at last, eliminates dependence on Systems that work as Servers for installing your Cafe timer Software.You don't need to install either a server or client software on your PC's. Protects your cafe from Trojans that can slow down your Internet by blocking out such infected PCs.Helps cafes to bill desktops/laptops/iPhone/ipads without installing any software on them by using captive portal technology.Brand login pages as desired.



Statistics shows that Wi-Fi service is one of the most important service a hotel can provide its guest. Guest are given access to log on their laptops in their rooms. Tickets can be obtained at the reception desk of the hotel at check in time, guest names/random codes can be used with the number of days the guest is staying used to generate a custom ticket.



CWG Internet gateway products can be used in any kind of school, be it primary, secondary or University. Students need to be protected from the undesirable parts of the Internet, that can negatively influence them, hence this product gives school authorities control and monitoring capabilities. Tickets can be generated for all students with content restrictions.



The CWG can give you a well structured and controlled access to your Internet to tame all illegal excesses of your employees, all staff can be given access codes with either their names or email addresses single user or multi user rights can be defined for each staff. Sites that are distraction to work can be blocked.

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