Any business can provide a great LAN/WIFI Hotspot Internet Service for staff, guest, visitors and students quickly and economically using our product series, your hotpot and cabled LAN for any kind of business has never being so easy until you use this product. The CWGateway Internet solution is here to address the teething problems faced by businesses experiencing challenges in monitoring and control their traffic to the Internet either on their LAN or Wireless computers connected to their network. This Hardware comprises multiple solutions to address related problems common to about 90% of Internet Networks. We present to you the CWG product series that has the answers to your Internet worries with value addition and simplicity of use. Note: that this hardware is not an Internet Modem but a compound gateway unit that helps you manage and maximize your Internet traffic from any ISP’s network once connected to this unit.So it simply implies that you must have Internet service at any location first before you can maximize the benefits of this device. The device on its own will not give you Internet.

(The One-stop Internet Hardware Solution)
1. Plug and play wizard: Set up is quick and easy to install.
2.Programmable login page: 10 pages provided plus custom design pages available.
3. Access Type: Captive Portal Solution, No need for Server and Client software installed.
4. Custom login page advertising: Promote & advertise your business with login pages
• Access code generation: From 1000-10,000 code generator/for Café’s, hotels etc.
• Login with disclaimer: Where no code is needed, or preferential login required.
• Login Authentication 1: Type in a random code generated, for Café’s, hotels etc.
• Login Authentication 2: Type in a custom code by staff name for Office users.
• Login Limiter : Limit multiple login to devices per time by Single/Multiuser Rights
• Disclaimer editor: Change any part of the disclaimer text
• Content filtering 1: Block unwanted websites/block bandwidth hungry sites
• Content Filtering 2: Block distractive sites that distract your staff from work
• Facebook,twitter,Music,Youtube,Chats,Porns,P2P file downloads e.t.c
• Bandwidth control: Set overall bandwidth for all users or per user-limiting abusers.
• LAN/WLAN: Authenticates, Controls, Monitors & bills on both Cable and Wi-Fi Internet
• Statistical Analysis: Know actual number of systems on your network, see authenticated
• and connected users, see bar charts of total daily log-on of users.
• Set Idle Time Cut-Off: Set idle time cut off if system is idle on the Internet network.
• Anti-Trojan: Saves your network from Trojans by blocking the infested system.
• Anti-hacker firewall: Blocks hackers from your network with the built in firewall.
• Credit card billing: Uses your PayPal® account or credit card.
• Reports of use and billing: For Internet service providers
• URL and MAC filters: Create a walled garden to some allowed sites.
• Configuration backup/restore: Save product configurations for future use.
• Consumption Data: See who is using the highest bandwidth, the Mac and IP address.
• Blocking Pattern: Block by MAC or by IP addresses violators to your rules.
• Timer/calendar: Program your Hotspot availability based on certain times.
• Printer Usage: Works with thermal printer or print CSV file to Excel Sheet
• for Cafes, Hotels, Schools and Libraries.
• Remote Login: Log in from anywhere in the world easily.
• Billing/Ticketing: Generate over 10 grades of access codes from 30minutes to 180days
• for use by cafes, libraries, hotels, schools, offices, estates etc.[/ezcol_1third_end]


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