The CWGateway can be used in several areas of businesses, a few of them are:


internet-cafeAn Internet Cafe used to be a business for very technical people before now. These days anyone can start an Internet café business quickly with minimum expense by installing a CWG Internet gateway. The gateway manages all aspects of the business including customer billing. Tickets can be generated and printed out with the accompany optional Thermal printer (called Subscriber Ticket Printer). The beauty of the CWG for cafes is that it takes care of both your LAN and WIFI billing by attaching an Access Point to the gateway device or to your switch; you can also use the inbuilt AP on the CWG-L1 for very small cafes to be billed for WI-FI access.

Several controls are essential for an Internet café operation. If users are Connecting their own Laptops wirelessly, then it is important that peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing software is blocked to ensure that the Internet Café business is not held responsible for copyright infringement. It is also necessary to regulate data speeds to share the resource between all users. Depending on the policies of use, content filtering may also be applied to Internet traffic, users consuming your bandwidth can be monitored and controls set. Porn sites and prohibited sites can be ban. When customers want to browse the net, the Internet café attendant can give a ticket with an access code using the Subscriber Ticket Printer. The ticket printer generates the customers pass code and logs each transaction. Time is further saved as the login process only requires a password, with no username. You need to switch over to the CWG product series because of the many challenges and limitations from using a software billing solution that is install on a System. These are some benefits you get from using CWG in your café:

  1.              Heavy dependence on a System/PC as a Server for Installing your Café Timer, remember how often your Server system had a hardware problem or a Virus attack on the server and this affected your work for a few hours or the whole day. With the CWG gateways you don’t have to dedicate any system as a Server as the gateway handles all traffic on the network. The other great advantage of the CWG is that in the event of a Trojan attack on any of your client PC, that PC is isolated from affecting the entire network.

  2. Your Wireless Access point can now do the original work it is meant for by providing only bridging service while the CWG gateway handles all the routing and billing issues and becomes the only DHCP Server on the network issuing out IP’s to all other devices. The other beauty of this is that with the CWG installed on your network, your existing wireless AP connected directly or via a switch can also be billed using access codes/tickets generated from the CWG managed codes menu. The ability of the CWG to bill and time both LAN and Wireless clients in your café is one major advantage of this product compared with other cafe billers, most times cafes are only able to bill the LAN PC’s and manually time all wireless clients that are using their laptops in the cafe, this encourages loss of revenue. Ticketing plan can be from 30 minutes to 180 days and with flexibility.
  3. Now you can assign the maximum bandwidth for uplink and downlink browsing based on over 20 ticketing plan to choose from. You can also assign a custom bandwidth plan. This is to deny any hungry bandwidth user from using up all your bandwidth on the network on one machine.

  4. Now You can also block the kind of sites that may consume your bandwidth and ban users from visiting such sites.

  5. Daily number of log on users to your network can be viewed from a network bar chart indicator.
  6. Your café can be branded with the preferred logo of your choice and messages displayed on the login page.
  7. With the CWG you can add as many Internal or External AP you desire. This does not matter since they are all to work as bridge on the network and not as routers.
  8. One of the greatest advantage of the CWG product line on a café’s network is that it helps you to concentrate on just raking in the money while it does all the underground job that makes your café run smoothly provided you are connected to a stable Internet Provider service your worries are over. A TRIAL WILL GET YOU ADDICTED TO THIS PRODUCT. NO OTHER RECURRING CHARGES AFTER INSTALLATION. YOU GET FREE FIRMWARE UPGRADE FROM US FREE WHEN AVAILABLE. Speak to us today.


Hotel-RoomMost motel and hotel owners give free Wi-Fi Internet but see the service as an unavoidable expense. However by installing a CWG Internet gateway the Internet can become a business advantage. CWG gateways prevent abuse by controlling data speeds and by filtering Internet content of guest. The most important CWG feature is the ability to block peer-to-peer connections and prevent guests sharing Copyrighted music and video files and consuming bandwidth that others are suppose to use for productive work. Upon request guest can be given pass codes/tickets that range from 1hour to 180 days access to log in on their laptops in their rooms or on PC’s provided by the hotel, this tickets can be obtained at the reception desk of the hotel at check in time, better still custom tickets can be generated carrying the guest first name or last name with the number of days he has paid for to stay in the hotel immediately generated on the ticket, this is printed out from the Subscriber Ticket Printer and given to the guest. all request to use the Internet is first directed to a welcome portal page that may carry the Hotel logo and could further be directed to the Hotel website by all guest, this is a way of increasing page viewing of the hotel website and to also acquaint the guest with the services of the hotel, also hotel staff can gain Internet access by creating custom login pass codes with their names for easy login. The firewall on the CWG protects the in-house LAN from external intrusion or attacks.


library with laptopsThe school/ Educational sector is one area with high need for control on the Internet The CWG Internet gateway products can be used in any kind of school, be it primary, secondary or University. Although Internet access is a must for school curricula the service must be locked down with ‘admin controls’ that prevent students getting access to adult Websites, or Websites that promote content that is unacceptable within the school environment. CWG Internet gateways provide those ‘admin controls’.
It is very important that the school can block peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing software to ensure that the school is not held responsible for copyright infringement. Data download speeds are also regulated to share the Internet resources between all students.
The CWG Internet gateway protects students from the undesirable parts of the Internet, and protects the school when students try to share copyrighted material.
School Labs Computer labs can use the CWG Internet gateway to control access to the Internet. Each student is issued a timed coded ticket that is tied to the student computer. The access code determines the time that the student can use the Internet. Reports also show each students Internet usage. The school can also use the gateway custom login feature to prepare a home page for the school, and advertise events via the login page and place the school’s logo and motto on the home page.
Student Accommodation Schools can provide WI-FI hotspot with external radios to cover the entire school compound and beyond, such that students and staff can access Internet service from the comfort of their hostels or offices. Wireless Internet access is a ‘must have’ for Student accommodations However the Internet service must be carefully managed to prevent abuses. Wireless Internet is a resource that has to be shared by many students and imposing controls is the only approach to ensure fair use. It is also necessary to regulate data speeds to share the resources between all students. Furthermore, depending on the student’s age groups, content filtering can also be applied to block adult web sites.
Public Libraries Almost all public libraries provide Internet access for visitors. Some libraries have computers that patrons can use. Some libraries provide a wireless Internet Wi-Fi Hotspot for patrons who bring their own computers. However libraries are at risk from data thieves and people who abuse the service.

Each CWG Internet gateway has the tools that a library needs to provide Internet for patrons in a safe and secure manner: content filtering, data speed control and peer-to-peer (P2P) blocking.

CWG Internet gateways also prevent unauthorized use, and prevent use of the wireless service outside business hours. Access codes can be issued to patrons who present a valid library card. Each gateway has a seven-day timer that activates the wireless Internet service during business hours and deactivates the service outside these hours.
Public Libraries can also sell tickets to the public or students that use the library. The library users will have to use their laptops to connect to the Internet after paying for a timed access code collected from the library reception desk, this is possible only if the library installs Access points within or around the Library and connect the AP’s to the CWG via a switch.


Office_InsideToo many offices whether government agencies or Private companies are really not happy with the many abuses that their staff carry out on their corporate network. Some staff will hardly concentrate on their work for the day apart from being on face book, messenger and all kinds of chats engines, illegal downloads, play movies and music on the Internet all day and hence deny several other staff quality access to use the Internet because of their excessive activity. The CWG can give you a well structured and controlled access to your Internet to tame all illegal excesses of your employees, all staff can be given access codes with either their first name or last name and single user or multi user access can be defined for each staff. i.e. some staff will log on to their desktop PC, Personal laptop, Ipad and even log on using their smart phones, this means that one person is just tieing down bandwidth on several machines that are not doing any productive work, and so denying others, this can be controlled with the user access right on the CWG, once enable it means a staff can only log on to one machine at a time for use and cannot log onto any other unless he logs out of the first machine he logged on, so as to use the same access code on another machine. Also idle time of inactivity can be set on the CWG such that if any staff is not using the Internet for say an idle time of 15 minutes he is logged out to free bandwidth resource for others to use, however he can always log on back when he is ready to use the Internet with the same password. Staff PC’s with Trojan attack can always be safely isolated by the CWG gateway from disturbing the entire network until the issue is resolve.

Among other things the CWG in the office environment can be use to filter content on what sites can be viewed, The company logo can be used to brand the portal/landing page, all staff upon accessing the Internet can first be directed to the company/office websites for familiarity, Usage Reports also show each staff Internet utilization. That is daily usage report can be seen on who are the heavy bandwidth/Internet users in the organization and they can be tamed by allocating a fair bandwidth size for them instead of allowing them use up all the bandwidth available.

One other unique feature of the CWG series from CWG –L6-L20 is that they have LCD’s that constantly displays the number of connected users and the number of Authenticated users, also the status of the Internet connection is shown on the screen, This gives network administrators great easy to be able to ascertain how many computers are connected to their network per time . This control applies for both the LAN users connecting with desktop PC’s and WI-FI users whom are staff or visitors to the organization connecting with their laptops wirelessly through indoor or outdoor access points.

Lastly the CWG products liberates organizations from dependence on systems used as Servers that is prone to constant breaking down from power issues, Virus attacks, hardware malfunctions etc and also small devices SOHO Routers that most times exposes the organizations to be hacked remotely.


multi tenant 6Wi-Fi Internet can be provided for a very large area by installing several wireless access points throughout the multi-tenant housing estate or the shopping plaza building. The wireless access points are then connected to the CWG Hotspot Gateway. Choose the gateway from the series of gateway for the number of people who will be using the Internet access. The CWG-L2 is a self-contained wireless unit for up to 50 users. At the other end of the scale the CWG-L20 can have up to 100 wireless access points and 500 users connected.
For such project we shall appreciate you inviting our team of highly skilled radio frequency engineers to visit your location to advise you according on the best approach to cover the environment with WIFI access and the number of radios that will be needed.
Tenants or shop owner within the Property as applicable can always connect to the displayed WIFI signal indicated on their Laptops and they are directed to the portal page, there could be a designated point within the estate or Plaza where subscribers can pick up their Internet tickets or they can pay through credit card billing on the gateway if enabled